Digital Polarization Reflection

Polarization is a concept that implies the concentration on the division of groups rather than their unity.

In an article authored by Chris Gilliard, he discusses how polarization, that serves the stronger groups, is designed intentionally for profit on the digital platform. The digital platform has opened up people’s eyes to the discrimination that was once thought to be a rumor. However, polarization feeds on the attention it receives, and on the digital platform there are lots of consumers and that is why it is profitable.

Gilliard criticizes Silicon Valley as a successful entity that has unethically built its foundation that benefited from the powerless groups.

Facebook, for example, has more than a few cases were discrimination was clear that served and defended the powerful and destroyed the powerless with a simple equation of which groups are protected.

It shocks me that one of the largest digital platforms feeds and profits on the so-believed “less fortunate groups”. What is sadder than this, is that I am a loyal consumer to this platform and I might have digested a lot of that content. I am a consumer of an unethical platform and I help in them gaining profit.

“Tech platforms, in their majestic equality, allow both rich and poor alike to marshal digital tools to drown out dissenting voices, suppress votes, and spread falsehoods.”

It is saddening to know that this is the truth, while in fact, when we think of social media we tend to think that it acts as a voice for the voiceless and that it is a platform for knowledge, opinions, and sharings of perspectives.

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