Flip The Script – Invisibilia

Listened to a podcast dedicated to narrate situations that were prophecized to act someway, but ended up differently, thus, flipping the script. On https://www.npr.org/programs/invisibilia/485603559/flip-the-script
One situation that I found similar, happened with my friend at his university.
He had an oral exam where the professor gathers a group of 15 people and asks them one by one the same question where they can all hear what the previous students have answered. The professor starts by giving a mathematical equation to the first few students and they answer. He then asks the fourth student who was ranking the third in her class, and every student after her started answering by her answer and copied her as she was well-known to be the top of her class. When the turn has reached my friend, he answered it differently. The professor started to mock him in front of the whole class by sarcastically saying “Do you really think that you are the only one in class who knows the answer? Do you think that you are that smart and that only you can have the correct answer? Wow, how confident are you.” My friend very humiliated and feeling down for messing up his exam, starts explaining to the professor how he reached that answer and tells him why he thinks its right. The professor inappropriately interrupts him from explaining himself by raising his voice to ask him for his full name to grade him.
Suddenly, the professor flips the script completely and announces his grade in front of the whole class! A full mark! He praised him for his cleverness on getting the correct answer, not copying his colleagues, and sarcastically mocks his colleagues about the wrong lame answer they gave.

(P.S. Somebody needs to stop that professor from that un-educational and unacceptable behavior)

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