Soliya is a two-hour session of online exchange of cultures, where one learns about different cultures, perspectives, and traditions through communication of video call with its natives.
My experience with the first half of Soliya (two sessions), was definitely remarkable. Before trying it, I had some assumptions in mind. I assumed that we will be a big diverse group of people who are video chatting where people are loud, cannot hear each other, and have a bad internet connection. I assumed it will be messy and random. But it turns out, to my advantage, lots of participants did not show up. And this resulted in such an organized conversation. We were a group of six ladies; me (Egyptian), two students from Italy, one from Tunisia, and a self-teaching mother from Palestine, and our great facilitator who managed our discussions and highlighted questions and reflections. Our ages ranged from 19 to 45. Since we were a small group, we got to be introduced to each other very well and we had all had the chance to ask and answer questions. The second session was like that as well.
Our most shared topic was women’s rights and how women are portrayed by the people in power. Certainly, we as Arabs had a somewhat shared insight about that topic to answer the Italian’s questions.
We also had a funny conversation about our traditional oriental food, that made us all rub our bellies.
Our conversations were flowing, where everyone who had thought about an interest they would share it out loud. That made it very interesting, casual, and friendly.
Waiting to update you after finishing the next two sessions!

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