Exploring Digital Literacy

This post contains several sections of different activities done to explore digital literacy.

The first activity was exploring my Digital Confidence Profile. It is a series of questions that asks you on where you see yourself in terms of mastering digital skills. You are either comfortable, confident, or still taking baby steps. My results have shown that I am confident in the teach and learn (I scored 4), and that I am comfortable in all other parts (scoring 3). Pretty digitally literate and skillful I say. Haha!

I am proud of the results; however, I would like to develop my skills and become confident in “create and innovate”.

In the second activity, we were asked to research the online database for definitions of digital literacy, digital skills, and digital fluency. I have found several academic sources on such topics.

( https://online.cune.edu/defining-digital-literacy/


Click to access Skillsoft_whitepaper_What-are-digital-skills-a-comprehensive-definition.pdf

https://research.acer.edu.au/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1006&context=digital_learning )

What I have understood is that Digital Literacy is the knowledge that one has to know how to evaluate, research, critical think, use the internet, email and communicate through technology. And for one to achieve that, one has to have the digital skills such as production of media, manipulation, using devices effectively and following digital trends. Having both of the literacy and the skill, you become a digitally fluent person where the digital world becomes a language that you natively speak.

One POMO article written by the researcher Lisa Harrison explains how one should be literate as well as skillful.

In an article titled “Knowing The Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacy, and Teaching Both” written by Maha Bali, stresses on the importance to become digitally literate as well as digitally skillful.

“Saying that any digital tool teaches us digital literacies is like saying a pen or a keyboard teaches us writing. ” —Maha Bali

Relating this to recent news, I wish that we raise awareness about digital literacy. Kids and young teenagers have the digital skills and are really smart, but they are not digitally literate. They could be easily deceived by technology. The Blue Whale Game is a terrifying proof of that. These vulnerable audience grant strangers access to their private information and are later blackmailed to suicide. Over 130 children have been manipulated and have committed suicide. How sad is that? Couldn’t have that been avoided if they were taught how to be digitally literate as well as digitally skillful?

Another activity was to take like a quick mini course about something that is digital. I took two; one about Digital Image and the other about Graphic Design (my major and interest). Both courses were really valuable and informative. I really enjoyed them (I even received a badge). I see them very relatable to my daily life as I encounter them in my work.

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